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Atanu Ghosh prefers his artistes to sing in his films, says Jaya Ahsan

The actress stars with Ritwick Chakraborty in Atanu Ghosh's Binisutoy, which narrates a traditional love story.

Photo: Courtesy Jaya Ahsan on Instagram

Roushni Sarkar

Jaya Ahsan has lent her voice for a song in Atanu Ghosh’s upcoming film Binisutoy. Jaya Ahsan stars opposite Ritwick Chakraborty in the film which narrates a traditional love story that sets both her and Chakraborty on a quest of self-discovery.

Though Ahsan did not want to reveal much of the story, she said, “Binisutoy has an amazing script. It was a wonderful experience working with Ritwick-da in the film. He is an amazing actor. Binisutoy is extremely realistic yet has fantasy in it as well.”

Ghosh reportedly did not want anyone else to lend voice for a song for Ahsan in the film and hence made her sing.

“I have previously sung in a [Bangladeshi] film called Dubshatar (2010) and it was more of singing in the bathroom. Here, the situation is almost the same,” she said.

She revealed that Ghosh made Soumitra Chatterjee, who plays a key role in the film, sing a song as well. “Atanu-da cannot take anybody's voice other than the actor’s for a song in the film," she said. "According to him, a different voice makes the characterization quite superficial."

Ahsan also said that music director Debajyoti Mishra supported her a lot in singing the song. “I could never imagine that I could possibly sing in a film," she stated.

The actress confirmed that the team has finished dubbing for the film and now the post-production process is underway.