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Bharat song 'Zinda': Salman Khan's journey finds a voice in this pumping anthem

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Composed by Julius Packiam and Ali Abbas Zafar, the song features the vocals of Vishal Dadlani.

Shriram Iyengar

It is not enough to have Salman Khan live over 70 years of a journey, it has to be accompanied with a track that is as stirring. Bharat (2019) director Ali Abbas Zafar manages to deliver one with the song 'Zinda'.

Composed by Zafar, along with Julius Packiam and Vishal Dadlani, the song has the voice of Dadlani taking it to new heights.

The short verse of the song builds up around the journey of Salman Khan's septuagenarian Bharat as he traverses the timeline of Ali Abbas Zafar's film.

The song offers little in terms of visuals beyond what has already been shown in the trailers and promos so far. However, it underlines the importance of the experiences that Khan's Bharat goes through which come to define him.

From Partition, which takes place in his childhood, to his work in the mines and fighting down pirates at sea, to battling gangs in a dark alley, the actor puts his macho look to good use. The few visuals of him as an old man, carrying on the battle to reunite families separated by Partition, are tinged with a bit of sadness.

The song itself is a pumping anthem for life fuelled by Vishal Dadlani's energy. The lyrics by Ali Abbas Zafar centre on the idea of a man's identity living on in his actions. The final punch comes with Salman Khan's line that says, "Bharat will not die that easily." The sentence lays down a marker for both the character and his conduct.

In all, the composition is lively and builds the emotion with a steady rhythm. Dadlani's voice is well suited to lead the song, with backing vocals from male singers Aaman Trikha, Rajiv Sundaresan, Amandeep Singh Jolly, and female singers Smriti Minocha and Murishka D'Cruz.

The use of the electric guitars to set the tempo for the energetic chorus that breaks out is a nice touch. It keeps the energy flowing through the song. 

Bharat also features Katrina Kaif, Sunil Grover, Disha Patani, Jackie Shroff, and Tabu, among others. The film is scheduled for release in theatres on 5 June. Watch the song below:

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