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Takatak trailer: Sleaze, misogyny on display in this ‘bold’ Marathi film

Takatak stars Prathamesh Parab, Ritika Shrotri, Abhijit Amkar and Pranali Bhalerao.

Keyur Seta

Every now and then some Hindi film comes up with so-called bold content, which usually means showing men to be perverts and women as objects of desire. Such films are also peppered with cheap double-meaning jokes. Mastizaade (2016) and the Masti and Kya Kool Hai Hum franchises spring to mind as examples.

Now Marathi cinema seems to be getting into the zone. At least that is how it appears from the trailer for Milind Zumber Kavde’s Takatak.

It is not possible to understand what the film's story is, though the trailer is close to three minutes long. All we can guess is that Ganesh Baburao Thoke aka Thokya (Prathamesh Parab) lusts for Meeni (Ritika Shrotri). He dreams of spending his life with her, but he is in for some disappointment.

Meanwhile, Chomeshwar (Abhijit Amkar) lusts for every woman he comes across. He marries Kamakshi (Pranali Bhalerao) only for her looks.

Last year’s adult dramas Shikari (2018) and Boyz 2 (2018) quickly became infamous for their sleazy content. But those films seem tame in front of Takatak, which seems to be promoting misogyny and the objectification of women like never before. Not to forget some crass scenes of a guy spraying deodorant on his private parts and another doing some pelvic thrusts.

Takatak will be released on 28 June. Watch the trailer below and let us know if you would be watching this film in the theatres.

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