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Indrasis Acharya's way of thinking is quite exceptional: Saswata Chatterjee 

The actor stars alongside Rituparna Sengupta in the upcoming thriller.

Roushni Sarkar

Actor Saswata Chatterjee recently finished dubbing for Indrasis Acharya’s Parcel, a thriller to explore human relationships. Chatterjee will be playing the protagonist of the film against Rituparna Sengupta. They will play a couple who are doctors by profession.

“Parcel has an extremely unique subject. A parcel arrives on every birthday, but without any name or address of the sender and this begins to cause tension between the husband and the wife,” Chatterjee stated.

In the film, Sengupta takes a break from her profession. The parcels she receives, bring her back memories from the past relationships and also pushes her to introspect her mistakes in her profession. On the other hand, Chatterjee’s life turns complicated with the death of a patient in his clinic.

According to Acharya, through the garb of the crisis in the relationship of the couple and the thriller element, he has attempted to explore the health care scenario of both urban and rural areas.

“Indrasis’s way of thinking is quite exceptional. I have watched his Bilu Rakkhosh (2017) and Pupa (2018) as well. He has a distinctive style of storytelling. It is great to see that a lot of experimental works are happening in Bengali cinema now,” he added.