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De De Pyaar De song 'Dil Royi Jaaye': Rochak Kohli, Arijit Singh underscore the struggle of moving on

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Composed by Rochak Kohli and with lyrics by Kumaar, the song has been sung by Arijit Singh.

Shriram Iyengar

The romantic triangle of De De Pyaar De (2019) seems to be built on a lot of heartbreak. The latest song from Akiv Ali's film focuses on the struggle of Ajay Devgn and Rakul Preet Singh's characters as they try to move on with life after their separation.

The song, 'Dil Royi Jaaye', has been composed by Rochak Kohli and sung by Arijit Singh. The visuals of the song build around the aftermath of the breakup between the characters.

While Devgn as the ex-husband and father returns to caring for his separated family and trying to get on, Rakul Preet Singh's ambitious young woman returns to her job.

Yet, deep down, both find themselves reminiscing. The appearance of Tabu as the understanding third wheel lends some insight into the direction the story might take.

The composition by Rochak Kohli is wonderfully mellifluous. It has a tangible emotional chord with Arijit Singh's voice only accentuating the emotion in it.

Kumaar's lyrics are simple but to the point and poignant even. Kohli uses a simple acoustic guitar and percussion beats to set the tempo, before bringing in the rest of the orchestral mix to diversify the melody. 

Potent and moving, the song has the right balance to become an emotional addition to the album.

De De Pyaar De, directed by Akiv Ali, is due to be released in theatres on 17 May.

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