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Indrasis Acharya's thriller Parcel to explore human relationships

Director Acharya said that though the film is a thriller, it is an experimental one and nothing is conveyed in a precise manner.

Director Indrasis Acharya

Roushni Sarkar

Director Indrasis Acharya recently completed shooting for his upcoming film Parcel, starring Rituparna Sengupta and Saswata Chatterjee.

Though dealing primarily with human relationships, Parcel is also a thriller, a genre that Acharya is exploring for the first time.

Protagonists Nandini (Sengupta) and Shouvik (Chatterjee) are doctors. They have a daughter named Suja. Nandini has taken a break from her profession for a reason, which will be revealed in the film.

Nandini’s life takes an unexpected turn when she starts receiving parcels from a stranger that gradually bring back memories of her past, her relationships and her professional mistakes.

Initially Nandini ignores them; eventually, however, she starts getting affected and sets out to find the sender.

Meanwhile, Shouvik goes through a crisis of his own after a death in his clinic. Speculation is rife whether the death has actually occurred or was staged.

The story explores whether the crises in the lives of the protagonists increases the distance between them or they manage to overcome the obstacles in their paths and stay together.

In an interview with Sangbad Pratidin newspaper, the director said, “There is an attempt to portray contemporary society and comment on the health sectors in urban and rural areas through the crisis in the two individuals' lives and the thriller elements.”

Indrasis Acharya also revealed that the film has an open ending despite being a thriller. “Nothing has been conveyed in a straightforward approach," he said. "It can be considered an experimental script. We have attempted a lot of experiments with the music too.”

Joy Sarkar has composed the songs and done the background score for the film which also features Damini Bas and Ambarish Bhattacharya.