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Amey Wagh is searching for a girlfriend in Girlfriend: See poster

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The film has been produced by the makers of Muramba (2017), which also starred the same actor.

Keyur Seta

Actor Amey Wagh came up with an interesting marketing strategy for his upcoming film recently. He posted a picture of himself a few days back on Facebook and asked people to suggest a name for a girl. On Thursday he dared guys to name their girlfriends.

Wagh ended the mystery on Friday by announcing that his upcoming Marathi film is titled Girlfriend. The film sees him play the character of a single guy called Nachiket. His caption for the poster (translated) reads, “Every single guy in the world has only one question — girlfriend.”

Wagh has a different, geeky look in the film. Perhaps that is the reason why his character is still single? 

The poster has the image of the girl removed. This is probably a strategy to create anticipation for revealing the leading lady of the film. 

Girlfriend is the directorial debut of Upendra Sidhaye, who has written quite a few films. The prominent ones among them are Mumbai Meri Jaan (2008), Killa (2014) and Manjha (2017). He has also written the television series Smoke (2018).

The film has been produced by Aneesh Jog and Ranjit Gugle. Their last movie was the highly successful Muramba (2017), which also stared Amey Wagh, opposite Mithila Palkar.

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