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Kesari song 'Ajj Singh Garjega': Jazzy B's voice puts the roar in Akshay Kumar's battle anthem

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Composed by Chirrantan Bhatt, the song has been sung by Jazzy B.

Shriram Iyengar

One certainty about a film set in the midst of a battle is a spine-tingling, goosebump-inducing anthem to rouse the audience. Kesari's latest track attempts to do just that with its very Punjabi fervour and a ferociously hirsute Akshay Kumar roaring towards the screen.

The song is rightly titled 'Ajj Singh Garjega', with its flowing Punjabi lyrics. Kesari is set in 1897, in the time that led to the famed battle of Saragarhi in Afghanistan. The battle saw a contingent of 21 Jat Sikh soldiers fending off an attack by 10,000 Afghan tribesmen on their signalling post.

Kunwar Juneja's lyrics focus on these very themes of bravery, courage, youth and sacrifice in the face of all odds. The distinctive Punjabi theme also finds its signature touch in the 'Ikk ikk Singh sava lakh uthe bhari', which is a familiar phrase for anyone who has sat through a Sunny Deol film.

Sung by Jazzy B, the song captures the sense of devotion, sacrifice, and courage that went into the moments before the key battle. The composition has a rustic sound with its opening on the single-stringed tumbi. As the song progresses, the intensity of the orchestra increases to add to the fervour.

The magic, though, lies in Jazzy B's voice, which is authentic, emotive and resonates above the heavy percussion with ease. The Punjabi lyrics add to the ease with which Jazzy B delivers, making this a song worth listening to.

However, the song does not offer anything novel in terms of style. The rhythms and tempo are familiar, and can be replaced with any Punjabi song with ease. It does not raise the tempo to a jingoistic level, nor does it keep it low key to cater to subtler emotions. In that, the song leaves you hanging.

Kesari is directed by Anurag Singh, and also features Parineeti Chopra. The film will be out in theatres on 21 March. Watch the song below.

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