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Romeo Akbar Walter trailer: John Abraham looks the part as the commoner who became a spy

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John Abraham stars in the latest film about an Indian Muslim serving as a spy in Pakistan.

Mayur Lookhar

The trailer for Romeo Akbar Walter is just as gripping and impressive as its teaser. While the teaser focused on John Abraham’s character being a commoner, the trailer sheds more light on him being hired by the Research and Analysis Wing (RAW), India's external intelligence agency, to spy on Pakistan.

Based on true events, the film is set in the period leading up to the 1971 Indo-Pak war. The war resulted in an Indian triumph in 14 days and saw the birth of Bangladesh (earlier East Pakistan).

The beauty of the Romeo Akbar Walter trailer is that it never gives out the true identity of the agent, played by John. He is a man with different faces. The clean-shaven look is reflective of the times when he led a normal life. Once in Pakistan, John's character naturally takes on a new identity, reflected by his bearded looks. The intrigue around the film is increased by the catch line of 'our hero, their spy'.

RAW [Romeo Akbar Walter] has been touted as the story of a double agent. The fact that director Robbie Grewal, at the trailer launch, specified that this is a film to honour an unsung hero, makes you believe that eventually the man serves his first master.

Grewal creates a gripping, crafty trailer that always leaves you speculating about who this man really is. In the early part of the trailer, we see a bloodied John on the screen. This leads to his being hired by Jackie Shroff’s character, a RAW officer. We see John wearing a taweez, a locket usually containing verses from the Quran or other Islamic prayers. The fact that his mother tells him don’t forget your old ammi suggests that John is a Muslim by religion. There is nothing in the trailer to suggest that John's character turns a double agent.

Mouni Roy and Sikander Kher make fleeting appearances.

Grewal keeps the element of suspense intact and therein lies in the appeal of Romeo Akbar Walter.

Romeo Akbar Walter will be released on 5 April. Watch the gripping trailer below and let us know if you are keen to watch this film in the theatres.

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