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Mukta Barve on Wedding Cha Shinema: I felt Saleel Kulkarni will offer a serious film to me

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The actress plays the role of a filmmaker shooting a couple's pre-wedding events.

Mukta Barve and Bhau Kadam in Wedding Cha Shinema

Keyur Seta

Dr Saleel Kulkarni’s Wedding Cha Shinema has an unusual story about a filmmaker shooting a couple's pre-wedding events. During a media interaction post the trailer launch of the film on Tuesday (26 March), he shared that the subject came to him while thinking about people who are not ready to dance during events like Ganesh Visarjan.

“We are required to force them to dance and then you realize they are the ones who danced the best,” he said. “And I had seen various pre-wedding videos on social media. So I merged both these things. The film is about a filmmaker who is required to do this shoot. What goes through her [mind] and how she starts seeing the world in a different way is the story,” he added.

Wedding Cha Shinema revolves around the wedding of Prakash (Shivraj Waichal) and Dr Pari (Rucha Inamdar). Both fall in love despite their upbringing in diverse environments.

Mukta Barve plays the role of the filmmaker who shoots their wedding. It was pointed out to her that she is choosy while selecting film, television or plays. Sharing the reason for signing the film, she said, “I felt the film says a lot without making any fuss and in a sweet way. My role is obviously impressive. But I felt the writer and director wants to convey a message in a very good day. That’s why I came on board.”

Mukta Barve with the rest of the team at the trailer launch

The actress was seen on the big screen thrice last year — Aamhi Doghi, Ranangan and Mumbai Pune Mumbai 3 — which is rare for her.

Kulkarni is also a music composer. Going by his songs, Barve was surprised by the subject of his film. “After listening to his songs, I felt he will offer a serious kind of a film to me. But he brought a different platter altogether. I was laughing out while reading. The film surely has a message. But the manner is very light-hearted,” she said.

The filmmaker said that the film doesn’t have unnecessary events like the process of a guy and the girl falling in love. “Generally the hero keeps making efforts to convince the girl. She will get irritated but finally fall for him. We as the audience feel like, move ahead, we know what will happen. That’s why we have shown that their wedding gets fixed in the first seven minutes and they get married in the last five minutes,” said Kulkarni.

Wedding Cha Shinema will be out in theatres on 12 April.