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Gone Kesh trailer: Shweta Tripathi impressive in mature portrayal of rare disease

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Gone Kesh is about Enakshi, a simple young girl from a small north Indian town, who wants to become a dancer.

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Gone Kesh is about Enakshi (Shweta Tripathi), a simple young girl from a small north Indian town. She looks forward to get an education and become a dancer. But at one point in her life, she realizes that she's losing a lot of hair. Her parents (Vipin Sharma and Deepika Amin) take her to a doctor and he pins it down to protein and calcium deficiency.

Unfortunately, Enakshi’s hair continues to fall, leading her to baldness. When her parents take her to a specialist, he reveals the shattering news that she suffers from Alopecia, a condition that causes excessive hairfall. The news depresses Enakshi, and she starts believing that her dream of becoming a dancer will now not be fulfilled.

The trailer of Gone Kesh holds a lot of promise. The makers seem to have dealt with the portrayal of a rare disease in a sensible and realistic manner. Baldness is looked down upon in Indian society, and if it's a girl, the consequences can be severe.

Tripathi's performance is impressive, while Sharma does well as a supportive father who wants the best for his daughter.

The film also gives a glimpse of the simple, everyday life and characters of north India are also appealing. It takes you back to the world Aanand L Rai created in his films over the years.

Written and directed by Qasim Khallow, Gone Kesh will be out in theatres on 29 March.

Watch the trailer below:

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