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Lyrical trailer of Kia and Cosmos promises to unravel enchanting world of a dreamy girl

The background song speaks on the behalf of Kia, who often struggles to express herself.

Roushni Sarkar

The trailer of Sudipto Roy’s Kia and Cosmos promises to explore the enchanting world of a girl, who weaves her secret dreams, away from the world outside. Newcomer Ritwika Pal plays Kia, who suffers from an autism spectrum disorder. Swastika Mukherjee plays her single mother. The film also features Joy Sengupta, Sraman Chatterjee and Zahid Hossain.

The lyrical trailer with a soothing background score of an acoustic guitar, slowly unravels Kia’s world. She is sometimes lost and amused at the happenings around her, while her mother observes her and tries to understand her pulse.

The background song speaks on the behalf of Kia, who often struggles to express herself. She has unusual friends. She chats wholeheartedly with a rikshawalah (Chatterjee), who also takes her to places of her interest at odd times. She giggles when Sengupta tells her that she makes the face of a shark during changing the chords while playing the guitar.

Kia is seen to be looking for something in a corridor. It is soon revealed that she is looking for the killer of her dead cat, Cosmos. However, her quest bothers her mother, who forbids her to discuss with anybody about a certain Mr Sinha and her dead cat.

The ending of the trailer retains the continuation of Kia’s search and thus, it consistently retains its poetic approach. It also doesn’t give away any hint about its climax.

The trailer is predominantly about Kia and her created world.

The background score of the film has been composed by Neel Adhikari.

Kia and Cosmos is slated for release on 29 March.

Watch the trailer below:


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