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Super 30 trailer: Hrithik Roshan takes on the elites with a revolution in education

The actor stars as mathematician and educator Anand Kumar in Vikas Bahl's upcoming Super30, which will be released on 12 July.

Shriram Iyengar

After Vikas Bahl's clearance of sexual molestation charges by an internal investigation, the director's name is back up on the Hrithik Roshan-starrer Super 30 (2019).

The trailer for the film captures the actor as the mathematician Anand Kumar trying to bring about a revolution in the educational system with his teaching methods. The film also features Pankaj Tripathi and Mrunal Thakur.

The trailer begins with the sight of Hrithik Roshan as a mathematics teacher, Anand Kumar, and his rise to fame. Interestingly, there were reports of the makers of the film removing any references to the now famous professor. However, they seem to have gone back on the idea.

The trailer's first shot begins with a student telling Anand Kumar he wants to take up computer engineering because that's where the money is. The trailer then portrays the aspirational Anand Kumar as the 'magical key' that allows these elite upper-class students to learn the tricks to get into elite institutions.

He also seems to enjoy the comforts that come with it. But like every hero, Anand Kumar undergoes a transformation that leads him to start a free coaching class for the students who cannot afford it.

"The son of a king will not become king now, only he who deserves," says Hrithik Roshan's character towards the end. This revolution will not come easy as the class hierarchy will fight rough, as shown with clips of people arriving with guns to Anand Kumar's coaching centre. 

The trailer has the rousing emotional graph that often drives such social films. Hrithik Roshan does his best to play the rough-hewn mathematics teacher who transformed the manner in which students prepared for the Indian Institute of Technology and Indian Institute of Management entrance examinations.

The actor sports a tanned face, rough beard, and stained teeth to de-glamorize his usual Greek god looks. However, his strongly accented Hindi seems to be laid on thick. Maybe it is because we have never seen the urbane Hrithik play a truly down-to-earth rustic character before.

The trailer also offers a glimpse of Pankaj Tripathi as the rich coaching class owner leading Anand Kumar into temptation before the eventual epiphany. The trailer is also sharply cut, and has a dissonant English rap score going in the background to add to the influence.

While it builds up Anand Kumar as the hero, it also seems to add a fictional element to the story. But that has become a common theme with biopics these days.

On the other hand, Vikas Bahl's name is back on the marquee after his clearance by an internal investigation committee, although the clearance only comes because the complainant refuse to pursue the case any further.

Super 30 is produced by Reliance Entertainment and Phantom Films, and will be released on 12 July.

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