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Bibaaho Obhijaan trailer is funny and presents a cast in never-before-seen avatars

Birsa Dasgupta’s film sends out the vibe that the cast enjoyed their time while shooting.

Roushni Sarkar

The trailer of Birsa Dasgupta’s upcoming comedy venture Bibaho Obhijaan is funny and entertaining. In the trailer, while Rudranil Ghosh is seen in an comic avatar; Ankush Hazra, Sohini Sarkar and Nusraat Faria keep the entertaining quotient high.

It is apparent that both Ghosh and Hazra are dear friends and are quite devastated with their marriages to Sarkar and Faria, respectively. In a drunken stupor, they mock the rituals of their wedding and conclude that in order to escape getting humiliated by multiple partners, people rather settle for one and get married.

In the following sequences, both Hazra and Ghosh can be seen totally exhausted in their attempts to keep with their wives’ demands. Dedicated to Puja, a traditional Sohini's overt concern for Ghosh’s security suffocates him, while Hazra is tired of serving his wife as her cook and maid.

From the visuals, it seems that both the friends turn desperate to escape the situation to attain ultimate liberation from their wedlock. However, enters Anirban Bhattacharya, who appears to disrupt their entire plan.

Appearing as a bandit, Bhattacharya delivers equally funny dialogues. Soon it is revealed, his situation is in reverse of Ghosh and Hazra. He is in love with the badass Priyanka Sarkar, who only ends up embarrassing him at every possible situation, while he daydreams of her his bride.

Sohini and Faria, however, are not ready to lose their reigns on their husbands and hence, they unite against the escaping duo.  Situations turn chaotic as Hazra and Ghosh swipe their avatar with that of Bhattacharya. Furthermore, Sohini, Faria and Bhattacharya can be seen in multiple costumes in different moments of the trailer.

Interestingly, the trailer ends with Bhattacharya comically singing his own popular song 'Kichhu Chaini Ami' from Shah Jahan Regency (2019). It is added fun when a celebrity doesn't mind ridiculing his own creations. 

The trailer sends out the vibe that the cast enjoyed their time while shooting the film to the fullest. Bhattacharya generates anticipation in a comic role for the first time and Hazra appears extremely funny in certain slapstick moments.

The trailer is well made. Though the content of the film seems to be borrowed from various Hindi films, the treatment comes across as unique.

Bibaho Obhijaan is due to be released on 21 June.

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