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Shah Rukh Khan: When you are so good-looking, you don’t need weird clothes, okay?

The Zero (2018) actor displayed his sense of humour at the trailer launch of Vikram Phadnis's second film Smile Please.

Keyur Seta

It is not often that you get to see a star like Shah Rukh Khan attending the trailer launch of a Marathi film. The man was present at the trailer launch of the Marathi film Smile Please as he is a close friend of the film’s director Vikram Phadnis. Smile Please stars Mukta Barve, Lalit Prabhakar and Prasad Oak.

Shah Rukh Khan joked about his habit of arriving late at events. “It’s been a long drive, so I apologize for being late. Not that if there wasn’t traffic I would be here on time. This damn Juhu road is making me get late everywhere,” he quipped.

Khan also took a dig at his own recent run of unsuccessful films. “I asked Vikram whether he has made a good film, not that I am someone who should be right now credited with making good or not good films! If you work for so many years you can be patronizing.

"He said yes. I told him, make a film with action and comedy. He said, no this is from the heart. I think there is no better film in the world when it comes from the heart.”

Shah Rukh Khan with the team of Smile Please

Smile Please is about a photographer Nandini (Barve) who gets some quality life wisdom from a stranger Viraj (Prabhakar). Speaking on the film, Khan said, “Some parts of our lives get reflected in special films. And I am sure Vikram has made an extremely special film.”

The Raees (2017) actor also did not shy away from making fun of the dressing style of Phadnis, who has been a successful designer for film celebrities. But the comment that followed kept people guessing about the possible target. “I notice people wearing really wild clothes now. Just be cool. When you are so good-looking, you don’t need weird clothes, okay?” Khan said.

Smile Please is being released on 19 July.