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Amala Paul accuses production house of 'throwing her' out of VSP33

The Aadai (2019) actress has blamed the producers for unceremoniously dropping her from the film.

Our Correspondent

Actress Amala Paul has alleged that the producers of Vijay Sethupathi's next, VSP33, have thrown her out of the film. The actress stated that she was dropped by Chandaraa Arts because she was 'not production friendly'. 

In a long post on Twitter, the actress wrote, "I am writing out of my great disappointment, as I have been thrown out of an ongoing movie." 

The production issued a statement replacing Amala Paul with actress Megha Akash last week. 

Amala, however, accused Rathianevelu Kumar, producer with Chandaraa Productions, of throwing her out of the film despite her living on her own in Mumbai, and buying clothes and props for the film. 

The actress added, "This accusation has never been laid upon me during my decade-long career by any of my colleagues." The actress went on to accuse the producer of taking the step after the release of the trailer of her forthcoming film, Aadai.

The actress said, "It is just a patriarchal, egoistic, traditionalist mindset of Chandaraa Arts Production that this is happening right after the release of the Aadai teaser and my image is being sabotaged with multiple baseless rumours floating around in the industry." 

She added, "It is disappointing that these pseudo cinema punters write off an actor's emotional investment as though it means nothing." 

While she lambasted the producers, Amala clarified that she had no intention of hurting Vijay Sethupathi. She wrote in the postscript, "No harm is intended to you, Vijay Sethupathi. I am a huge fan and was excitedly looking forward to be working with you. This is a statement written out of my grave disappointment and to address the rumours that are being spread around by Chandaraa Productions about my unprofessional conduct." 

The production house has not yet released a statement.