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I’m picking films that appeal to my heart: Rani Mukerji on her film choices

The actress, currently working on Mardaani 2, spoke about choosing films that start conversations.

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With Hichki (2018), Rani Mukerji showed a return to form and played a character, a teacher suffering from Tourette's syndrome. In her next film, Mardaani 2, Mukerji returns to play a fiery police officer in the sequel of her 2014 hit.

The actress spoke about her process of how she handpicks her films.

"I’m picking films that appeal to my heart and me as an actor. I think it’s my good fortune that I have been able to select scripts out of the ones that I have got, and I am fortunate that the directors and the writers have thought of me to play these characters. I have been lucky to have received the right script at the right time. I have enjoyed telling a story to the audience because if you are making a socially relevant film, we are making it for the audience,” Mukerji explained.

"In Hichki (2018), they came to know about the symptoms of Tourette’s which not many people knew in India. With Mardaani (2014), we got to tell people how the menace of child trafficking exists in our lives even though we don’t want to see it; but it is rampant around us. We need to keep our eyes and ears open and protect our children. So, I think these things are a learning experience for me as well when I get to read scripts."

She added that in Mardaani 2 as well, the film will tackle a subject and introduce audiences to what is happening in and around their lives. 

Mardaani 2 will be directed by Gopi Puthran, the writer and associate director of Mardaani (2014)