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GoQuest Media acquires the China rights for Malayalam film Sudani From Nigeria

The award-winning film, directed by Zakariya Mohammed, was released in India on 23 March last year.

Our Correspondent

Zakariya Mohammed's Malayalam film Sudani From Nigeria, which is being screened at the Shanghai International Film Festival, may soon be available to a wider audience in China. The China rights for the sports dramedy have been acquired by GoQuest Media.

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In a statement to the website, GoQuest Media managing director Vivek Lath said, "We aim to showcase the best of entertainment not just from India but from across borders to world audiences. There is always an appetite for content irrespective of language or regions. It is our endeavour to bring great content to audiences internationally and Sudani From Nigeria is a classic joie de vivre story and good content knows no boundaries."

Sudani From Nigeria, starring Soubin Shahir and Samuel Abiola Robinson, was released in India on 23 March 2018. Since then, it continues to be screened at festivals like the International Film Festival of Kerala and the Jagran Film Festival. It won five awards, including Best Film with Popular Appeal and Aesthetic Value, at the 49th Kerala State Film Awards.

The feel-good film is currently being streamed on Netflix.