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Girlfriend trailer: Amey Wagh’s girlfriend dream is fulfilled by Sai Tamhankar

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The film is not just a comic saga about a single guy. 

Keyur Seta

Nachiket (Amey Wagh) might be from a well off family and good in studies, but he is not happy with his life. In fact, he is frustrated to see guys around him having a girlfriend, never having had one himsel. People around him begin to question him if he is gay. 

This much is what we can guess about director Upendra Sidhaye’s Girlfriend (2019). Although the teasers had shown Sai Tamhankar’s presence in Nachiket’s life, the trailer throws more light on it. 

One fine day, she arrives in Nachiket’s life and he suddenly has a girlfriend. But this gives rise to few other issues in his life. It seems the age difference between them is a conflict although this is not exactly revealed in the trailer. 

The trailer also gives an idea that the film is also a sensible saga about two individuals who are way different, but yet have something that pulls them to each other. It is interesting to note that the trailer switches on from being funny to sensible in a smooth way. 

The pairing of Wagh and Tamhankar is unusual and that is exactly the reason why it appears interesting. The film also stars the well-known television name Rasika Sunil. 

Girlfriend is due to be released on 26 July. 

Watch the trailer: