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Super 30 'Question Mark' song: Hrithik Roshan leads his students to new ways of finding answers

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The song, sung by Hrithik Roshan himself, has been composed by Ajay-Atul.

Shriram Iyengar

Super 30 might have its own set of problems, but Hrithik Roshan seems keen on finding new ways to answer them. After the very entertaining 'Basanti No Dance' comes the new song from the film, 'Question Mark', in the voice of its lead actor.

The song, sung by Hrithik Roshan himself, is built around the innovative teaching techniques of Anand Kumar, the film's protagonist.

The song revolves around the innovative ways in which Anand Kumar taught his students. Struggling to find the right formulae, students often end up mugging up their books. Anand Kumar inspires them to find the answers by questioning things in everyday life. From cricket pitches to rain clouds and trains, the questions often lead to the answers, he says. "Make your own formula," he tells the baffled students.

Ajay-Atul's composition is very different from the first song, but not any less interesting. The song has a rhythm that is distinct and offers a different template to the album.

Hrithik Roshan's singsong voice fits the number well, but he continues to lay on a thick accent which does not always go smoothly. The beats are certainly catchy, and the lyrics by Amitabh Bhattacharya are magical. Bhattacharya builds a world with his words, transferring the visuals into literal form. This makes the entire sound good, and also feel good.

Super 30, directed by Vikas Bahl, is set to be released on 12 July. Watch the 'Question Mark' song below and let us know if you are keen to watch this movie.

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