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Shantilal O Projapoti Rohoshyo song 'Shomoy': Offers glimpses of Nandita and Shantilal's chemistry

The chemistry between the two protagonists remains at the core of weather reporter Shantilal’s journey as a detective.

Roushni Sarkar

'Shomoy' song from Pratim D Gupta's Shantilal O Projapoti Rohoshyo by Arko Pravo Mukherjee is out. The trailer of the film mostly focused on offering glimpses of Shantilal (Ritwick Chakraborty), the protagonist’s journey, with only introducing Nandita (Paoli Dam), the filmstar who joins politics. Mukherjee’s 'Shomoy' reveals a bit more to speculate about the chemistry between the two, which remains at the core of weather reporter Shantilal’s journey as a detective.

The song, rich in its lyrics, reflects the journey Shantilal embarks on as he finds an interesting lead in pursuing Nandita’s story. The words imply that his journey is not merely getting into the bottom of his quest regarding Nandita but there are more layers to it that repeatedly make him realise the significance of time and what it can do to human beings. Since Shantilal transforms into a detective from a simple weather reporter while pursuing the truth, the lyrics suggest that he also discovers many unknown shades of himself in the process as Nandita’s story gradually unveils before him.

The song is set in Chennai and Singapore, where Nandita’s story leads Shantilal to. Alongside exploring the cityscape, Shantilal is also seen having a chat with Nandita for the first time in the song. The glimpses also assure that not only Shantilal gets to chat with the celebrity but also the latter confesses a lot about her life to the reporter-turned-detective over a few glasses of wine. In some of the visuals in the beginning of the song, Nandita seems to be quite disturbed when Shantilal digs into her personal life. However, later, the song suggests that the actress finds a confidante in him.

The song has an urban music arrangement that goes well with the visuals and also, allows the lyrics to lend more meaning to the entire composition.

Shantilal O Projapoti Rohoshyo is slated to be released on 15 August.


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