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Laal Batti trailer: This Mangesh Desai film is not just a cop drama, but also a thriller

The film will be released on 26 July to mark the Kargil Vijay Diwas.

Keyur Seta

The teaser of director Girish Mohite’s Laal Batti gave an idea that the film will be about the ‘quick response team’ created by the government of Maharashtra to combat any 26/11-like terror attack in Mumbai. But the trailer of the film appears to be tackling a different story altogether. 

After the team is formed, Mangesh Desai’s character, who is heading it, starts suspecting the motive and character of an officer in the team. Why the suspicion? The team member sometimes experiences memory loss and the door of his house has a picture of the Mecca despite him being a Hindu. 

Along with this, the film also explores the need to provide psychological support to the cops because of the nature of their work. The scene where a constable shoots someone seems to have been inspired from a real-life incident of an inspector being shot at by his junior. The dialogue, ‘Just wearing the police uniform doesn’t make a cop a superhero’ is true and stays with you. 

Although the trailer isn’t smoothly cut, it still piques your interest in knowing the story further. 

Desai was recently seen in Judgement (2019). He is most famous for his role of Bhagwan Dada in Ek Albela (2016). The film also stars Bhargavi Chirmule and Manoj Joshi. 

Laal Batti will be released on 26 July to mark the Kargil Vijay Diwas. 

Watch the trailer:


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