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Once More trailer: Two parallel tracks in different timelines aren’t enough to impress you

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The film features an unbelievable transformation by veteran actress Rohini Hattangadi. 

Keyur Seta

Director Naresh Bidkar’s Marathi movie Once More (2019) was recently in the news for the unbelievable get-up of veteran actress Rohini Hattangadi, who impersonates a man in the film. But she doesn’t get much footage in the trailer of the movie. This, however, is the least of the concerns of the promo.

The film is set in two eras – the current one and another 350 years earlier. A major part of the trailer focuses on the quarrel between a husband and wife (Ashutosh Patki and Dhanashree Dalvi), which is not only regressive, but also immature. The husband works as an archaeologist, or this is what it seems. 

He and his team members uncover an old trunk from the sea which has an equally old dagger. The man is sure they have uncovered the remains of an old kingdom. Once while having a fight with his wife at home, she throws the dagger at him. 

This is when we realize that the man and his wife had gone on a war in their previous life as they belonged to rival kingdoms. The audience is then presented with the regressive logic that 90% of married couples are enemies in their previous births.  

The poor quality of VFX and the low-budget production of the sets is also a major concern here. Perhaps the only thing worth applauding is Hattangadi’s incredible makeover. But we wonder why did they change her gender in her current birth when the lead couple had the same one in both?

Once More will be released on 1 August.

Watch the trailer:

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