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Shantilal O Projapoti Rohoshyo trailer: A mix of interesting and rushed visuals 

The film will hit the screens on 15 August.

Roushni Sarkar

The trailer of Pratim D Gupta’s Shantilal O Projapoti Rohoshyo introduces a new journalist-turned-detective in town. Riwtick Chakraborty plays Shantilal, a weather reporter, who finds an interesting lead for a story on Nandita (Paoli Dam), an actress who has recently joined politics. He gets on with solving the mystery, about which the trailer hardly gives any hint thus keeping the anticipation alive.

The trailer is partly interesting but at certain points, the director and the editor seem to have rushed in compiling the visuals together. To retain the anticipation, the director has carefully chosen to not reveal much about Nandita’s narrative, although, the plot is essentially about the chemistry of Shantilal and Nandita. They are only seen in one frame in the entire trailer.

The trailer begins and ends featuring Shantilal in a drunken state. While in the beginning, he underestimates his abilities as a weather reporter, in the climax he establishes a connection with Projapoti (butterfly), singing a song on it, in Hindi.

While Shantilal gets intrigued by Nandita, the latter turns into the topic of discussion due to joining politics. In an interesting sequence, Nandita seems to get into an embarrassing situation when Shantilal asks for her autograph amidst crowd, calling her Meenakshi, instead of Nandita.

In the following visuals, Nandita’s concern regarding Shantilal becomes apparent as she starts enquiring about him.

Shantilal eventually manages to get permission to pursue his story in Chennai, where he gets exposed to the dark world of adult entertainment business, through the help of Rocket Ronjon (Ambarish Bhattacharya). There, his leads even prompt him to travel to Singapore. The rest of the trailer seems to be a compilation of various moments of Shantilal’s adventure and his encounters with various characters along with Nandita.

The trailer is long and the end of it is quite puzzling too. However, it is the motif of the butterfly that adds to the unexposed parts of the storyline, make the concept appear interesting.

Along with Chakraborty, Dam will also be seen a in new avatar in this film. The audience will have to wait till next month to get the cloud of confusion cleared as the film hits the big screen on 15 August.


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