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Happy Hardy And Heer teaser: Himesh returns promising twice the 'music'

The film is directed by Raka, and features Sonia Mann opposite the composer-turned-actor.

Shriram Iyengar

Himesh Reshammiya's prolonged absence from the big screen might have been a disappointment for his fans, but the composer-turned-actor has returned with a role in Happy Hardy And Heer. Directed by Raka, the film features Reshammiya in a double role. 

The 3-minute long official teaser has Reshammiya introduce the three main characters of Happy, Hardy and Heer, obviously. Happy (Reshammiya) is the happy-go-lucky, stereotyped Punjabi lad in London. From wearing colourful turbans to match his outfits to move to bhangra beats, the character comes across more stereotyped than Akshay Kumar in a patriotic film. But as the teaser says 'I am not the hero of the film," 

That responsibility belongs to Hardy (also Reshammiya). Dressed in dapper suits and flaunting muscle, Himesh Reshammiya is set to milk the most out of this 'musical blockbuster'. The actor plays the romantic interest of Sonia Mann, who dreams of the perfect 'romantic drama' to build her life into. In addition to playing the lead (twice over), Reshammiya is also composing the music and is credited as storywriter for the film. His wife, Sonia Kapoor Reshammiya, has written the screenplay.

Happy Hardy And Heer is produced by Deepshika Deshmukh and Sabita Manakchand, and is set to be released in Septemeber 2019. 

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