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Chicken Curry Law trailer: Ashutosh Rana's lawyer fights the system for a rape victim

The jumbled and oft-confusing trailer is poorly edited and has mediocre acting by its cast, save Rana.

Sonal Pandya

Maya (Natalia Janoszek), a foreigner living and working in India, is raped and left for dead on the road. When her case is tried in court, she is demeaned and accused of being a prostitute. Ashutosh Rana’s character, a lawyer, takes up her case. He is determined to get her justice against a system set on shaming those brave enough to speak up.

Written and directed by Shekhar Sirrinn, the oddly named Chicken Curry Law is loud and all over the place. Makrand Deshpande is a typical prosecution lawyer who is out to take down the defendant at any cost. The rest of the bland cast which feature Nivedita Bhattacharya, Zakir Hussain, and Aman Verma turn in stock expressions.

Rana as the determined lawyer is fighting a one man battle against the judicial system. As his character states in court, "In Indian courts, it's easy to prove a culprit as innocent, but to prove an innocent as innocent is impossible."

Poor editing makes the trailer feel overtly melodramatic, and Janoszek can’t carry off the heavy emotional scenes required for her character Maya.

Produced by Shankar KN and Amith Kumar, Chicken Curry Law is due to be released on 9 August.

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