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Teaser of Ranjan Ghosh's Ahaa Re shows how food can bring together two religions

In Ahaa Re, food and cooking play crucial roles in forming a romantic relationship.

Roushni Sarkar

The teaser of Ranjan Ghosh’s upcoming film Ahaa Re was launched on Thursday evening at the Hotel Hindustan International in Kolkata in the presence of the director, actress and producer Rituparna Sengupta, Sreela Majumdar and Amrita Chattopadhyay. Bangladeshi actor Arifin Shuvoo plays the male protagonist in the film.

In Ahaa Re, food and cooking play crucial roles in forming a romantic relationship.

According to the director, “It is a love story between a Bangladeshi Muslim chef and a Hindu home cook from Kolkata. Initially, I wasn’t getting producers for a love story between a Hindu and a Muslim without violence, something which we are not really used to. Then Aparna Sen, who I consider as my guru, and who feels that Ahaa Re is my most mature script, advised Ritu di to be a part of the film.”

Within a few days, Sengupta reportedly called and informed Ghosh that she was producing the film.

The director added that his secret wish to become a good cook someday instigated him to lay his hands on the script. “When it comes to a love story between two cooks, food plays a very important role in it. The significant moments from their individual journeys helped conceive the story quite organically,” said Ghosh.

“A very important aspect of the film is the way it shows love can be enriched through food. I liked the way he (Ranjan Ghosh) put more emphasis on the journey towards love rather than love itself. He has tried to portray how less can be more. I think the journey is beautiful and feel that the culmination of the film will really make the audience realise some of the most important aspects of life,” said Sengupta.

She added that both she and Ghosh were extremely possessive about the story and would not disclose anything more.

The teaser introduces the two protagonists from different religious backgrounds and depicts how invested they are in cooking.

Watch the teaser below:


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