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Dokyala Shot teaser: Suvrat Joshi is scared to marry Prajakta Mali, a Tamil girl

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The film is a light-hearted take on inter-community marriages. 

Keyur Seta

Debutant director Shivkumar Parthasarthy’s debut film Dokyala Shot tackles an unusual conflict about what happens when a traditional Marathi boy marries a Tamil girl.

The film sees Suvrat Joshi’s character tying the knot with the girl his loves (Prajakta Mali). Although he is happy to marry her, his friend generates doubts in his minds about the massive changes in lifestyle ahead of him. His friend is of the belief that such marriages are cute on the outside, but a mess in reality.

Going by the teaser, the film looks like a light-hearted take on inter-community marriages. The subject is similar to the Hindi movie 2 States (2014), in which Alia Bhatt played a south Indian girl, while Arjun Kapoor was a Punjabi guy.

Joshi is a well-known television actor. He made his Marathi film debut last year with Shikari (2018), and followed it up with Party (2018). Dokyala Shot is his third film.

Mali has worked in a few Marathi films, including Party. She played Kashi Bai in the recently released Hindi film Manikarnika: The Queen of Jhansi (2019).

Dokyala Shot will be released on 1 March.

Watch the teaser below:

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