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Gully Boy song 'Mere Gully Mein': Divine, Naezy bring the swag with Ranveer Singh in this anthem

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Ranveer Singh's physical energy brings home the attitude that Divine and Naezy's breakthrough track needed. The actor also accompanies the rappers on the track. 

Shriram Iyengar

The phenomenon of Mumbai rap, like its predecessor in the West, is fuelled by the difficult and street-smart lifestyle. No surprises then that Gully Boy's (2019) latest anthem, 'Mere Gully Mein', dives deep into the heart of Bombay 17 (Dharavi) and its bylanes to add texture and visual magic.

The track, an upgrade on Divine and Naezy's breakthrough 2015 single of the same name, has enough attitude and truth to make it an anthem to be proud of.

It is never difficult to get Ranveer Singh hyped, but the actor is in full flow as he transforms himself into a street rapper in this song. The visual gymnastics by Jay Oza, the cinematographer, add to the in-your-face attitude projected by Ranveer Singh.

While the actors are in full flow, and deserve credit for keeping up with the verbal gymnastics, it is the real people in the camera lens that make it worth the while. 

The video stays true to the original track, which went viral due to its realistic portrayal of life in the district. The camera moves in and out of the crowds as it tracks the two rappers, without losing any aesthetic beauty. The dust, the crowds, and the energy are infectious. 

As for the rap itself, the original had already set the standard in terms of its control, speed, and content. Divine and Naezy up the pace of the track, with Ranveer Singh accompanying them this time. Rightly an anthem, the lyrics to the song are a definitive introduction to the life and attitude of people in the 'gully' of these gully boys. Siddhant Chaturvedi and Singh have enough energy and swag to replicate the originals. 

The track has been upped in pace, with very few embellishments in terms of beats (by Sez) and percussion. The background percussion is good enough to make you want to rap along. 

So far, the music for Gully Boy seems on point, and this anthem is another fantastic addition. Check out the original as well below: 


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