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Will be speechless if Sachin Tendulkar sees Me Pan Sachin, says Priyadarshan Jadhav

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The film sees Swapnil Joshi playing an ex-cricketer named Sachin Patil.

Keyur Seta

First-time director Shreyas Jadhav’s Marathi movie Me Pan Sachin is based on the popular game of cricket. The film sees Swapnil Joshi play a character named Sachin Patil. But, as the film's trailer suggested, the film also has a reference to Indian cricket legend Sachin Tendulkar.

Besides Joshi, the film stars Priyadarshan Jadhav in an important role. During a conversation with Cinestaan.com, Jadhav said he wishes Tendulkar would see the film.

"I don’t have words to describe how I would feel if Sachin Tendulkar sees our film," Priyadarshan Jadhav said. "I pray to god he watches our film. For every cricket lover around the world, Sachin is an icon. The film spreads his message, ‘Don’t stop chasing your dreams’, but it is not based on him. But as it is related to cricket, I wish he sees the film.”

Touching upon his character, Jadhav said, “I play Vicky Amle in this film. He is very close to Sachin Patil. He is a close friend.”

The film takes place in two eras — 2000 and 2019. “So, we had to play characters from both eras.” Jadhav said.

Me Pan Sachin sees Joshi’s character fall down in the dumps as a cricketer after suffering a serious injury. But his dream of playing at the Lord's cricket ground remains alive.

The film also stars Kalyanee Mulay in the role of Joshi's character's wife. This is her first film after Ravi Jadhav’s critically acclaimed Nude (2018), for which she received a lot of critical and popular appreciation. 

The challenge for Jadhav in Me Pan Sachin was that he had to speak the Nagpuri dialect. “I knew nothing about the dialect. I had never spoken in this dialect in any film, play, television series or comic skit," he admitted. 

But as the director is from Nagpur, he guided the actor well. “I came to know they say ‘male’ for ‘mala’ and they use the word ‘be’ a lot. So, the challenge was only how to perform the given dialogues,” he said. 

The team of Me Pan Sachin played a friendly cricket match with budding cricketers at Mumbai’s famous Shivaji Park ground.