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Finally Bhalobasha hints at a grim and disturbing storyline

The characters are all struggling with their inner demons and being subjected to mental and physical abuse.

Roushni Sarkar

The trailer of Anjan Dutt’s upcoming film Finally Bhalobasha has been released. The multi-starrer film features the director himself, Raima Sen, Arindam Sil, Anirban Bhattacharya, Arjun Chakaborty, Sauaseni Mitra, Suprobhat Das and Saurav Das. Finally Bhalobasha has the tagline — Hormones run faster than emotions and tells three separate stories.

Though the film is about finally finding the love of one's life, the entire trailer appears to be quite depressing and grim. The characters are all struggling with their inner demons and being subjected to mental and physical abuse. Dutta has also depicted unusual romantic equations in which some of the characters finally find some solace yet the trailer hardly brings a moment where life seems to be filled with sunshine or joy.

Arindam Sil plays a maniac businessman who regularly abuses his wife played by Sen and doesn’t mind finishing off people who try to come in their way. Sen can only take refuge in Sil’s assistant (Arjun Chakraborty), who empathises with her misery and helps her to escape the situation. Sen's story is apparently about a journey of a woman who is in search of freedom, but throughout the trailer she only comes across as a victim.

The next story of a dying man who looks for a friend features Bhattacharya and Suprobhat. Bhattacharya wanted to be an actor; however, his health came in the way. Suprobhat, who looks after him, puts his might and soul to bring him back to life. Bhattacharya doesn’t fear death and tries hard to find out the true purpose of life,

Mitra features as the lost girl in search of love. A confused soul, Mitra expresses her feelings to Dutta, but the latter is already stuck in a chaotic life and hesitates before giving into Mitra’s persuasions.

The loud dialogue delivery by Sil, Bhattacharya and Suprobhat turns the trailer disturbing at some points and magnifies the frustrations of the characters. The sequences, in which the characters eventually create bonds with their partners and lovers, do not come across as soothing. Whether the director wishes to convey a journey from physical love to spiritual union remains a riddle.

Apart from Bhattacharya’s character, all the other characters seem to be fighting their own crisis till the end. Though Bhattacharya apparently gets back the zeal to live and love, his expression hardly says so.

The trailer suggests that Dutt is continuing to make films in the line of Aami Ashbo Phirey (2018) that also dealt with the crisis of human relationships in dysfunctional households. Mitra played a daughter born to divorced parents and having a bad childhood who eventually falls in love with a man of her mother’s age in the previous film and in Finally Bhalobasha, she performs a similar character.

Finally Bhalobasha is slated for release on 8 February.

Watch the trailer below:

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