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Shah Jahan Regency song 'Bolo Na Radhika': A tinge of nostalgia with a mature take on love

While the musical arrangement is more contemporary, 'Bolo Na Radhika' does remind us of the modern Bengali song of older times.

Roushni Sarkar

The 'Bolo Na Radhika' song from Srijit Mukherji’s upcoming film Shah Jahan Regency is out. Sung by Monali Thakur, the melodious romantic number has been composed by Prasenjit Mukherjee and written by Ritam Sen.

'Bolo Na Radhika' reminds us of the modern Bengali song of older times. At the same time, the musical arrangement lends it a more contemporary essence.

Monali Thakur has done full justice to the nostalgia brought in the song by Mukherjee with her soulful singing and technical finesse that elevates its mood manifold.

The composition is not complex, yet it gels well with Sen's heartwrenching words. They speak of a love that one can only welcome when it arrives but cannot ask to stay forever if it chooses to leave.

There is an urge to not call the beloved Radhika, whom we find hard to bid goodbye. Sen has compared the transcendent nature of love to that of the fleeting connection of forests with spring and the receding emotions of a married woman who forgets her age-old love.

The song, at the same time, has a mature take on love as it asks the lovers to be happy with what love gifts them rather than to expect more. It also warns about the heartbreaks that we often go through in the undaunted pursuit of love.

However, love here is symbolic of various hopes and expectations and all the good things in life that are not permanent. The subject of the song goes well with the story of Shah Jahan Regency, in which the hotel has been compared to a microcosm of the world itself.

The visuals mostly concentrate on Anjan Dutt’s character and his equations with various guests, friends and staff from the hotel. They also offer glimpses of the observations made by the protagonist, played by Parambrata Chatterjee.

Shah Jahan Regency is slated for release on 18 January. Watch the 'Bolo Na Radhika' song below and let us know if you are keen to watch the film.


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