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Emraan Hashmi is critical of CBFC changing his film's title to Why Cheat India

Surprised by the recommendation, the actor calls the move ‘illogical’ and ‘ridiculous’.

Mayur Lookhar

Emraan Hashmi's Cheat India has seen a change in its release date followed by a change in its title. The film is now christened Why Cheat India.

The exasperated actor has now reportedly hit back at the Central Board of Film Certification for the alteration to the title. Hashmi hasn't shied away from labelling the CBFC's reservation about the original title as ‘ridiculous’ and ‘illogical’.

“Fundamentally, if the system has open and analytical thinking, then you would not do such illogical things," the actor told the IANS news agency while promoting his film on Friday. "Changing the film's title at the last moment does not make any sense.”

“The Cheat India title has been there for a year. The CBFC approved all our promos earlier, but now what they have done is absolutely illogical. There is no logic," he fumed.

Hashmi was understandably upset by the late objection raised by the CBFC. Without pointing fingers at anyone, he posted this tweet.

Cinestaan.com spoke to a CBFC official who stated that the title change was not brought up at the last minute: "The film was sent to the revising committee and they all felt that the title was a little misleading. Emraan Hashmi wasn’t there, but the revising committee requested his team to look into the title. Mind you, there is no other issue with the film. It's a brilliant film. Emraan Hashmi has done a fantastic job.”

Cheat India is set to be released on 18 January.

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