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Thackeray song 'Aaya Re Thackeray': Shabby lyrics, Nakash Aziz's loud tone hurt title track

Dr Sunil Jogi’s uninspiring lyrics and Aziz’s poor show reduce the title track to an academic number.

Mayur Lookhar

All eyes are on Nawazuddin Siddiqui as he gears up for what is arguably the most hyped role of his career so far. Siddiqui plays the lead in Thackeray, a biopic of the late Shiv Sena founder Bal Thackeray, which is due for release on 25 January.

The film's makers released the title track today. Unfortunately, it is not one that the leader, if he were alive, is likely to have approved of.

Dr Sunil Jogi’s shabby lyrics have no appeal. The song aims to sing the praises of Thackeray's might, but Jogi’s ordinary lyrics fail to create the required impact.

Why do tracks picturized on Maharashtrian protagonists have to begin with words like aala re or aaya re? Rhyming is vital for song lyrics, yes, but when you hear a hook line like ‘Aaya re aaya re aaya re sabka baap re, arey kehte hain kehte hain kehte hain usko Thackeray’, it only suggests that the lyricist was struggling with his imagination. Jogi's effort can at best be termed academic.

When the lyrics fail to hold your imagination, it is a hard task for the composer and the singer to lift the track. To their credit, composer duo Rohan Pradhan and Rohan Gokhale have given a fairly decent score. They fall back on the standard dhol and banjo used for songs with a Maharashtrian flavour. Such tunes are quite popular with the masses here. Indeed, Rohan-Rohan's music is the sole bright spot of the track.

A Muslim actor playing Thackeray and a Muslim singer rendering the title track. You only hope Nakash Aziz was picked purely for his talent. But the fact is that he doesn’t have a captivating voice, and unless the lyrics and the music are appealing, he will struggle to win listeners over. At times he comes across as loud and it tends to put you off.

The visuals are nothing just assembled footage from the teaser and the trailer that were released earlier. All you can take from the visuals is the admiration that his followers had for Thackeray.

Watch the 'Aaya Re Thackeray' song below and let us know if you are keenly awaiting the film's release. 

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