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Rajesh Roshan, Usha Mangeshkar and Lata Mangeshkar slam Total Dhamaal's 'Mungda' remix

The composer and original singer of the song, 'Mungda', were miffed at the practice of 'remixing' the songs without the permission of the original composers. 

Our Correspondent

In an age of remixes, it is no surprise that the makers of Indra Kumar's Total Dhamaal chose to use the iconic track of 'Mungda' as a special item number for their film. However, the song's remix has invited the wrath of the composer of the original, Rajesh Roshan, and singer Usha Mangeshkar.

Speaking to the daily Deccan Chronicle, Rajesh blamed the 'lack of confidence' among new composers as the reason for remixing old songs. The report quoted him saying, "I think there is less of inspiration and more of perspiration in the music industry. The filmmakers have lost confidence in creating new songs.”

Mangeshkar had a concurring view on the remix. The news report quoted the veteran singer saying, "Our songs (the songs sung by the Mangeskar sisters Lata, Asha and Usha) were created after a great deal of thought and they were done with sensitivity and care. To rip them off in this arbitrary manner is not correct."

Rajesh composed the original song for the film, Inkaar (1977), and it was sung by Usha. Picturised on Helen, the song went on to top the popular charts and remains a memorable addition to both composer and singer's discography.

The new track, sung by Jyotica Tangri, Shaan and Shubhro Ganguly, was composed by the duo of Gourov-Roshin.

Lata Mangeshkar also added her opinion on the issue saying, "We are not asked if we approve or not. No one seeks our consent before using our songs. Is that right?"

Total Dhamaal is directed by Indra Kumar, and will be released in theatres on 22 February.