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Dombivli Return trailer: When the common man changes tracks 

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Directed by Mahendra Teredesai, the thriller follows the life of a common man who gets embroiled in local crime and politics.

Suparna Thombare

The trailer to Sandeep Kulkarni and Rajeshwari Sachdev-starrer Dombivli Return gives a sneak peek into the dramatic and thrilling plot of the film.

Directed by Mahendra Teredesai's, Dombivli Return follows the life of Anant Velankar (played by Kulkarni), a middle-class man who has been travelling by local train to and from Dombivli for work his whole life. And just like the lakhs of other commuters in Mumbai and its surrounding areas, Velankar grows tired of spending most of his life in the trains. Sachdev plays the role of his wife.

But what could happen when the common man changes tracks?

Velankar has been working at a photo studio for years. One day he comes across a picture where he spots something crucial and he takes that as an opportunity to turn his life around.

In the process he gets embroiled in local crime and politics. His goal, however, seems to be about bringing power into the hands of the aam junta (common people).

While the trailer is interesting and the plot has potential, only time will tell if the director manages to effectively convey what he has set out to.

Dombivli Return is a bilingual in Hindi and Marathi, and will be released in theatres on 22 February.

Watch the trailer below:


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