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Kesari trailer: Akshay Kumar stands fierce in action-packed tale of blood, bravery, sacrifice

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The trailer is infused with a good dose of patriotism and punchlines to boost the impact.

Shriram Iyengar

Action, expansive battles, and a tale of impossible courage dominate the trailer of director Anurag Singh's Kesari.

The film is based on the accomplishment of 21 Sikh soldiers of the British Indian army who battled 10,000 Afghans to hold the forts of Saragarhi in 1897. The film features Akshay Kumar and Parineeti Chopra in leading roles.

The trailer begins with a thrilling visual of the spectacle of battle waiting to unfold. The sight of a solitary fort at the centre as the hordes come rushing in sets the tone for the action-packed trailer.

As expected, the trailer is infused with a good dose of patriotism and punchlines to boost the impact. From the first line of 'A British officer once told me that Indians don't have courage. It is time to show him', the trailer launches into a loud but effective patriotic voice.

Sent to a far corner of Afghanistan, the tiny Sikh regiment, led by Havildar Ishar Singh (Akshay Kumar), is allotted the simple task of policing what appears to be a quiet region.

Portrayed as a brave, secular officer, Ishar Singh even takes up the task of constructing a mosque in the area. But they are soon besieged by a horde of Pathan invaders.

With some well-shot and intense action sequences, packed with moves of 'gatka', a Sikh martial art, the trailer looks impressive and fits in with the mood in the country right now.

The shots of the Sikh soldiers diving head first into battle adds to the anticipation of the film.

The film is directed by Anurag Singh and produced by Dharma Productions.

Kesari will hit the cinema halls on 21 March. Watch the trailer below and let us know if you are keen to watch this film.

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