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Avadhoot Gupte shines in romantic number ‘Bol Pakya Bol’ from Wedding Cha Shinema

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The song is picturized on Shivraj Waichal and Rucha Inamdar. 

Keyur Seta

Debutant director Saleel Kulkarni’s Wedding Cha Shinema has experienced names like Mukta Barve, Bhau Kadam and Shivaji Satam in its cast list. But the first song of the film ‘Bol Pakya Bol’ features Shivraj Waichal and Rucha Inamdar. The song is about the guy struggling to share his feelings with the girl he loves.

It’s a fun romantic number rooted in simplicity. Inamdar’s character is that of a young doctor. So, we see her mostly around the hospital she works in. Waichal is seen loitering around her, but never having the courage to express his love to her.  

The song is sung in the film by Pravin Tarde’s character who is encouraging him to speak out. Setting up a dance sequence in a hospital might sound weird, but it doesn’t appear so because they don't go overboard, just like how Rajkumar Hirani did it in Munna Bhai M.B.B.S (2003).

The tune is simple and he doesn’t try anything extravagant and rightly so. One can trust Avadhoot Gupte to add a fun element through his voice.  

Waichal has acted in films like Aga Bai Arechyaa 2 (2015) and Phuntroo (2016). This is his first lead role. Inamdar had played the female lead previously in the Swapnil Joshi-starrer Bhikari (2017).

Watch the song below:


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