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Take the judicial route, says composer Amaal Malik on #MeToo allegations against uncle Anu Malik

In an interview with an entertainment portal, the composer spoke about how the allegations were 'humiliating' for the family. 

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Singers Sona Mohapatra and Amaal Malik indulged in a little Twitter battle as Malik sought to explain his quotes about uncle Anu Malik. On the eve of making his debut as a judge on Zee TV's Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Li'l Champs, composer Amaal Malik suggested that victims of sexual assault ought to take the fight to court, 'instead of social media' to ensure complete justice.  

The composer was speaking with, and touched on the allegations against uncle and composer Anu Malik by singers Alisha Chinai, Mohapatra, and Shweta Pandit. The report quoted Amaal as saying, "I support the movement and I'm completely with it. What happens is, when people talk on social media, it goes a little wrong. When you have alleged someone and taken their name, you should drag it to the court and through the judicial system, try to achieve what you want to achieve. Because if you don't take it ahead then why did you even do this in the first place." 

Anu stepped down from his position as judge on Sony's Indian Idol season 10 following the allegations. 

Amaal elaborated on the point saying, "You have insulted a man, got him off a reality show... He has two daughters, all of those things... Either go with it with full force and stand by it or just don't. Today the law and we are with you. Women have more power than men. Take the judicial route instead of social media." 

While Amaal also stated that he stood by Mohapatra's allegations, saying 'there must be a reason', he insisted on a legal recourse. 

Replying through Twitter, Mohapatra said, 'Having Anu Malik as an uncle must be trauma enough & no fault of yours & then Sonu Bhaiya has confused u impressionable minds enough about courts being the only ones who can/should curb sexual predators.Not true, @AmaalMallik , we all have a duty to call out & curb such menace.' 

Amaal replied to Mohapatra's tweets, stating that he was being misconstrued. 

Mohapatra responded clarifying that it was the women's prerogative to approach the court or otherwise. 

Amaal went on to add that true justice meant taking the accused to court and to prove them guilty. The composer even apologised for having hurt Mohapatra in his statement.

Anu has remained quiet over all the controversy. The composer's lawyer had slammed the allegations against the composer as 'false and baseless' in October 2018.

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