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Tanhaji song 'Shankara Re Shankara': Ajay Devgn's Tanhaji pits his wiles against Saif Ali Khan's Uday Bhan

Composed and sung by Mehul Vyas, the song has lyrics by Anil Sharma. 

Shriram Iyengar

The first song from Tanhaji: The Unsung Warrior captures the cleverness and wile that separated the Maratha campaigns of guerilla warfare from the rest of the sub-continent. The song features Ajay Devgn as Tanhaji entering the encampment of Saif Ali Khan's Uday Bhan Rathod and trying to measure his enemy. The song, Shankara Re Shankara, composed by Mehul Vyas, is also sung by Vyas. 

The setting of the song is quite clear with Tanhaji impersonating a group of dancers as they perform to celebrate Lord Shiva. The song's visuals are preceded by the line describing the reason for Tanhaji's venture. 'I want to see my enemy before I fight him,' he says. So it is when Saif Ali Khan's Uday Bhan Rathod occupies the center stage, he locks eyes with Devgn's Tanhaji setting the stage for the climactic battle. 

The song by Mehul Vyas revolves around the frenzy and cacophony that is often accompanied with festive dances. Traditionally, Shiva has been a god of dance, music, and mischief. As someone who does not play by the rules, it seems apt that the lyrics hint at this very sense of mischief that is about to be played on Uday Bhan Rathod. 

Vyas' composition has the energy and rhythm in its right place, but the effect seems to fade away with time. The choreography focusses too much on trying to create a hook step, and takes away from the narrative storytelling involved in the song. The lyrics by Anil Sharma are good and play to the tune in place. Vyas singing has the energy and power to take the song ahead, and does redeem the composition to an extent. 

Tanhaji:The Unsung Warrior is directed by Om Raut, and is set to release in theatres on 10 January 2020. 


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