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Makeup poster: Rinku Rajguru’s mirror image speaks volumes about her dual identities

The actress pretends to be someone else with her family. 

Keyur Seta

Director Ganesh Pandit’s Makeup (2020) will see Sairat (2016) star Rinku Rajguru in two avatars. She is not playing a double role in the film though. The new poster from the movie throws more light on her character. 

Her character Poorvi dons two different identities in the film. Her family is too traditional and orthodox. Hence, she behaves very sanskaari [well-behaved] at home. So, we see that in her language, behavior, mannerisms and last, but not the least, clothes. 

The last aspect is seen in the poster of the film. Rajguru is wearing a pink sari and her body language has timidity written all over it. 

Poorvi is the exact opposite personality with her friends. She is bold, bindaas [carefree] and talkative. She doesn’t shy away from abusing or getting drunk. In other words, she is a rebel. This is Poorvi’s real self which is hidden from her own family. 

Makeup is normally used by people to show a different self of theirs. But it is used here as a metaphor. The simple character Poorvi shows at her place is actually her makeup. 

Before directing this one, Pandit has written a number of films. This is Rajguru’s third movie after Sairat and Kagaar (2019). She has a rare record for a female actor in Marathi cinema to play the lead in three films back-to-back and that too right at the start of her career. The film also stars Chinmay Udgirkar

Makeup will be releasing on 7 February 2020.

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