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Robibaar trailer: Atanu Ghosh's film promises an eventful narrative of a single day spent by a former couple

Robibar is set to release in theatres on 27 December. 

Roushni Sarkar

While Robibar or a Sunday stands for idleness and frolic, the trailer of Robibaar, the upcoming drama by Atanu Ghosh, contains restlessness, intensity and a lot of drama. Featuring Prosenjit Chatterjee and Jaya Ahsan in the lead, Robibar attempts to narrate the story of a day of tumultuous events and brings different hues of a relationship, in which romance apparently died many years ago.

In Robibaar, Ashimabha (Chatterjee) and Sayani (Ahsan), a former couple, happen to meet after 15 years on a Sunday. The Sunday not only takes them into a whirlwind of emotions but forces them to face the uncharted territories of their personality, one that both of them consciously or unconsciously have ignored.

In a cloudy day, inside a house, which is not so lit up, the two characters get into dialogues, emotional exchanges and outbursts and conflicts too. From the glimpses, it appears that both Ashimabha and Sayani refuse to surrender themselves before each other. Perhaps, they go back to memories to try and find out how far they have come along since their bitter separation.

They get into intimate moments, their ego flash in their eyes as they counter each other. In one of the sequences, Ahsan is heard of speaking of a deal.

In the latter portion of the trailer, two other characters are introduced and their narrative and exchange with Ashimabha and Sayani makes the trailer even more intriguing. The trailer ends with Sayani struggling with trying to calm herself down, while Ashimabha eventually confesses that even after so many years of their separation, he is only fighting to stay happy.

Along with Appu Prabhakar’s poignant cinematography and the glimpses of the intense performances by the two actors, Debajyoti Mishra’s jazz and country influenced background score stands out the most in the trailer. A few glimpses of Shonar Pahar (2018) fame child actor Srijato Bandopadhyay promises to add moments of relief in the film.

Robibaar is slated for release on 27 December.


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