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Jai Mummy Di trailer: Sunny Singh, Sonnalli Seygall aim to turn their mothers' enmity back into friendship

Veteran actresses Supriya Pathak and Poonam Dhillon play the warring mothers in this Navjot Gulati film.

Sonal Pandya

We have heard of rom-coms (romantic comedies) and zom-coms (zombie comedies), but Navjot Gulati's Jai Mummy Di is being marketed as a 'mom-com', which is surely a first.

The film stars Sunny Singh Nijjar and Sonnalli Seygall who are trained to dislike each other. Their mothers, Supriya Pathak and Poonam Dhillon, nicknamed 'Mogambo' and 'Gabbar' here, have hated each other all their lives.

When Puneet (Sunny Singh) and Saanjh (Seygall) get romantically involved, they attempt to find out why their mothers are on the outs. They discover that they once used to be fast friends.

But Laali (Pathak) and Pinky (Dhillon) are too far gone in their game of one-upmanship and schedule their offsprings' weddings on the same day, not realizing that they want to marry each other.

Both Puneet and Saanjh try to break off their arranged marriages and bring their mothers together, but will they succeed?

Written and directed by Navjot Gulati, Jai Mummy Di is due for release on 17 January 2020. Watch the trailer and let us know if you are keen to watch the film.

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