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Chinmay Urgirkar paired with Rinku Rajguru for Makeup

This is the popular actress's third film after Sairat (2016) and Kaagar (2019).

Our Correspondent

Rinku Rajguru plays the lead in director Ganesh Pandit’s Makeup (2020). A second teaser of the film was released recently. Now, the makers have shared the news that she will be paired with actor Chinmay Udgirkar in the film.

Although not much has been revealed about Udgirkar's character in the film, the picture of him with Rajguru released by the makers indicates that he plays an outgoing, confident urban youngster. 

This is Urgirkar’s third film as the main lead after Vajlach Pahije (2015), which was his debut, and Premwaari (2019). He has also acted in other Marathi films like Shyamche Vadil (2018) and Gulabjaam (2018).

Udgirkar also has a body of work on Marathi television. He has acted in TV serials like Swapnanchya Palikade, Nanda Saukhya Bhare and Ghadge And Sun. He has also been seen on reality TV shows like Maharashtracha Superstar and Maharashtracha Dancing Superstar. He was a contestant in the former and an anchor in the latter. 

Makeup revolves around Rajguru playing a dual character. She behaves obediently and is both traditional and shy when with her family. However, she shows her real outgoing and bold nature when she is with friends. This is her third film after Sairat (2016) and Kaagar (2019). 

Makeup is due to be released on 7 February 2020.

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