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Vidya Balan takes centre stage as Akshay Kumar's right hand in the new Mission Mangal trailer

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In addition, the trailer focusses on the failures of earlier missions that paved the way for India's Mars sojourn. 

Shriram Iyengar

It might be quite late in the day, but the makers of Jagan Shakti's Mission Mangal have released a new trailer for the film. While the first trailer gave us a look at the women involved behind the scenes of India's Mars Mission, the new trailer offers a peek into the difficulties and challenges involved. Directed by Jagan Shakti and featuring an ensemble cast of Vidya Balan, Taapsee Pannu, Sonakshi Sinha, Kirti Kulhari, Nithya Menen and Akshay Kumar, the film is set to release in theatres on 15 August. 

Interestingly, the new trailer also carries a mention of R Balki, the writer and creative director, which was not as prominent in the earlier version. 

The opening shot of the new trailer fixates on the failures that preceded the Mars Mission for Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO). At the press conference, when Mohan Kapoor's character asks why Akshay Kumar's team leader is eating a 'laddoo' on the occassion of such a failure, the repartee is quick, 'Where does it say on the laddoo that we cannot eat it on a failure?" 

The failure is the starting point for the mission to Mars, but there is more to come. With experts sending in their juniors instead, and some of the members wanting to leave ISRO (Sonakshi Sinha's Eka Gandhi, for instance), Akshay Kumar's team lead is faced with a unique problem. These conflicts and struggles define the trailer, more than the success which follows the mission. 

Through this all, it is Vidya Balan's Tara Shinde who emerges as the steadfast right hand. Her faith in the mission and the endearing sincerity of the actress make for some of the best moments in the trailer. 

Mission Mangal is directed by Jagan Shakti and is set to release on 15 August. 

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