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Akshay Kumar was shocked by the demand of this actor doing a two-hero project

For a change, journalists were at the receiving end of a blind item shared by an actor. 

Photo: Shutterbugs Images

Keyur Seta

Recently, Akshay Kumar was having an interaction with a group of journalists for his upcoming film Mission Mangal (2019). During the course of the interaction, the topic went onto the lack of films with two main heroes in recent times. 

While speaking on the topic, the actor shared the demand of an actor who will soon be seen in a two-hero project. His demand apparently left Kumar shocked. 

Speaking about the incident without naming the actor, he said, “There is an actor who is doing a two-hero subject. Just recently, he amazingly told the producer that they should first release his solo poster and then next week he and the other actor should appear together [in the next poster].” 

Adding further, Kumar said, “When he was asked, why solo, he said because he wants to show [everyone] that he is the main [actor]. When he was reminded that it’s a two-hero subject, he was still adamant. Such is the thinking about a poster! I was quite shocked to listen to this.” 

It is not often that actors share blind items about fellow actors. Although Kumar didn’t name the film or the actor in question, we are free to do our guesswork. 

During the interaction, Kumar expressed his desire to see more two-hero projects. “I have done a lot of two-hero projects. But I don’t know why they are not doing any more. One hero doesn’t want to work with another,” he said. When asked if there is insecurity, he said, “There must be insecurity or I don’t know why.”

Kumar urged his fellow actors to fill the void while displaying his humour. “I would request them to do a two-hero, three-hero subjects [or] it doesn’t matter to do a bloody four-hero subject. If you like the script and your role, just do it. I fail to understand why they aren’t doing. I have even done a seven-hero project, Jaani Dushman (2002),” he said and laughed.