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Khichik teaser: Prathamesh Parab is eager to win the heart of the girl he dearly loves

The film also stars Siddharth Jadhav, Paula McGlynn and Anil Dhakate. 

Keyur Seta

The poster of director Pritam SK Patil’s Khichik (2019) showed a boy with a pamphlet that is shared by police about wanted criminals that included Prathamesh Parab, Siddharth Jadhav and Paula McGlynn. This gave an idea that the film is a crime drama or revolves around crime. 

But the teaser makes you feel as if it belongs to a different movie altogether as it has the word romance written all over it. It mostly features Parab who once again plays a young lover after Ravi Jadhav’s Timepass (2014). 

The footage shows Parab getting down on his knees, begging a girl to be with him. Initially, it seems she is giving him a cold shoulder. But she literally drops a hint, in this case, a crumpled paper, later.

All this while a soothing shehnai tune plays in the background, which adds another hint of marriage into the situation. The face of the actress isn’t revealed. This seems to be one sub-plot from the main story. 

Khichik also stars Rasika Chavan, Anil Dhakate, Shilpa Thakre and Pranjalee Pawar. The film is the Marathi cinema debut for veteran Hindi film actor Sudesh Berry. However, the makers haven’t revealed even a glimpse of him so far. It seems he might be having a surprise role in the movie. 

Produced by Sachin Anil Dhakate, Khichik will be released on 20 September.  

Watch the teaser:

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