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Prassthanam trailer: Sanjay Dutt is determined in this political saga of one-upmanship

The film also stars Ali Fazal, Jackie Shroff, Chunky Pandey, Manisha Koirala, Amyra Dastur and Satyajeet Dubey. 

Keyur Seta

The trailer of Prassthanam (2019) begins with a man teaching his grandson that killing people is wrong. When the kid asks why Ram killed Raavan, the man says because he was evil. To this, the child points out that killing is also evil. This small conversation is deep enough to make you contemplate. 

The trailer indicates that the story revolves around an elderly politician Baldev Pratap Singh (Sanjay Dutt) who has a large clout in his town. He wants his responsible, sensible son Ayush (Ali Fazal) to continue his legacy. His other son (Satyajeet Dubey) has gone astray. 

Singh has an enemy in the form of Chunky Pandey’s character Khatri. Jackie Shroff plays his supporter who has an air of mystery around him. 

The rest of the trailer, however, doesn’t leave a similar impact like the aforementioned conversation at the start. It is mostly loud with too many editing effects being thrown in.

Let’s hope this is a case of bad editing of the trailer and the film turns out to be much better. As it’s the remake of a Telugu film which was appreciated, there is hope from Prassthanam and its original director Deva Katta. 

The production design seems to be impressive. Sanjay Dutt looks his part and he seem to have gone into his character convincingly. Fazal and Pandey look in good form too. The film also stars Manisha Koirala, as Dutt's wife, and Amyra Dastur. 

Directed by Deva Katta, Prassthanam will be released on 20 September. Watch the trailer below and let us know if you are keen to watch the film.

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