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Nagarjuna at 60: Five things to know about the star’s fitness mantra

If you have always wondered how Nagarjuna still gives his younger rivals a run for their money, here is what you need to know.

Nagarjuna during a visit to Mumbai in 2018. Photo: Shutterbugs Images

Haricharan Pudipeddi

Telugu superstar Akkineni Nagarjuna has turned 60. But his fans do not like to think so because of his age-defying looks and incredibly fit avatar. If you have often wondered how Nagarjuna, who has been in the film industry for over three decades now, still gives younger leading men a run for their money, here are five things you need to know about his fitness mantra.

1. Nagarjuna does not believe in dieting

If you are under the assumption that Nagarjuna possesses a Greek god-like body due to dieting, you are wrong. His family’s love for food has led them to open two restaurants, N Grill and N Asian, as well as a resto-bar called N-District.

In several of his interviews, Nagarjuna has admitted being a foodie and said he hates dieting. However, he has also revealed that he credits 25% of his fitness to paying attention to what he eats and 25% to his workout, but the rest of the work is done by small and big healthy habits that he has developed over the years.

He has also said that he has been working out for close to 30 years and come rain or shine he hits the gym six days a week without fail.

2. Nagarjuna’s workout regime

Apart from his regular workout, Nagarjuna believes in the synergy of body and mind. He says getting adequate hours of sleep and staying hydrated is as important as working out in the gym. Instead of building a fitter body, Nagarjuna says it is important to have a sound mind. He also believes playing a sport or being part of any physical activity outside of one's gym is equally important to stay fit and healthy. He also does not eat anything after 7pm, which happens to be his dinner time.

3. Nagarjuna’s eating habits

The star's daily routine begins at 6am, which is when he hits the gym for an hour. Nagarjuna has two breakfasts. While he eats egg whites and bread slices soon after his morning workout, he eats dosa/idli with some fruits an hour later as his second breakfast. For lunch, Nagarjuna has rice, roti and four varieties of vegetable curries. For dinner, which is at 7pm, he has grilled chicken and boiled vegetables.

4. Nagarjuna’s lifestyle

The Shiva (1989) star revealed recently in an interview that he likes to hang out with younger people because most people and friends his age have health problems and mostly end up talking about medication. He avoids hanging out with such people because it can have an impact on his mind. He also said he sleeps by 10pm and rarely stays awake late into the night as he likes to wake up early and work out. He added that it is very important to laugh your heart out every now and then to stay happy, which in turn has a very positive impact on the mind.

5. Nagarjuna’s fitness advice

When it comes to fitness, Nagarjuna strongly believes it is all about being consistent and not aggressive. He says a lot of youngsters have a tendency to go crazy in the gym for a week or two and then give up. He says such a mindset will not yield great results in the long run.