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Parcel first look: Rituparna Sengupta is presented in a deglamorous avatar

The film stars Rituparna Sengupta and Saswata Chatterjee in lead roles.

Roushni Sarkar

The first look of Indrasis Acharya's Parcel, features lead actress Rituparna Sengupta’s face in a close shot, framed with the cardboard of a torn parcel.

Sengupta can be seen in a non-glamorous avatar in the monochrome poster. The story also primarily focuses on Sengupta’s narrative that begins to affect her relationship with her husband.

Nandini (Sengupta) and Souvik (Saswata Chatterjee) are a doctor couple with a daughter Suja. Nandini has stalled her practice for a while for certain reasons.

Her apparently peaceful life is shaken up when she begins to receive some parcels from a stranger. The photos and gifts she receives, push her to think that someone from her past is blackmailing her.

Nandini cannot ignore the recent developments and hence, she starts enquiring for the sender. In the process, Nandini ends up exploring some dark phases from her past, including extramarital affairs and shocking revelations of her professional career.

As the past begins to conduct Nandini’s life, her relationship with Souvik also suffers. Whether the couple manage to overcome the rift between them forms the crux of the story. Acharya has said that the film also depicts the corruption doctors resort to, while keeping up with the system.

The film has already been sent to various Indian and international film festivals. The director is yet to confirm the date of release for Parcel.

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